Max Polyakov on Being a Gambling Addict to Becoming a Software Developer

Max Polyakov on Being a Gambling Addict to Becoming a Software Developer

Max Polyakov came from a poverty-stricken home. His family relocated from Poland to the Netherlands hoping for a good lifestyle. Sadly, they didn’t have the necessary papers and so it became difficult to get well-paying jobs.

Max’s success journey

  1. School
  2. Max Polyakov was enrolled at a school where he worked hard both in his studies and games. He did so well in games and he was awarded a scholarship to school at Amsterdam University.

    While at Amsterdam, he came across some very accomplished individuals that really motivated him.

  3. Gambling
  4. One day, Max Polyakov was asked to join gambling by some of his pals. He read all about it and in the end, he was fully convinced that he was going to make huge amounts of money from it.

  5. Meeting a lady
  6. Max Polyakov met a woman by the name Maria. This young woman has also received a scholarship to study just like him. She used to work at night and Max would find an opportunity to go out with her every night. Later she got pregnant which changed a lot of things in Max’s lifestyle.

    Max did not want his kid to grow up in hardship. This prompted him to start doing something meaning about his life. He started getting serious with school and in the end, he graduated with good grades.

  7. Employment
  8. Max Polyakov received an employment offer at a company that specializes in technology. He ensured to perform his work duties well. He was a developer and his efforts made him become the best at that firm thus receiving a huge earning plus other offers.

    Max managed to acquire enough money to support his family and even explore the universe. He and his wife were living a comfortable life that they even decide to have a second kid.

  9. Achieving more
  10. Max Polyakov after seeing all that he had achieved, he opted to open his own business. He named his company Noosphere. This company has grown with several distinguished clients. Max has even managed to buy a bigger house for his small family.

    Presently, Max is one of the most well-known software developers and he is still determined to achieve much more.


Max Polyakov and his partner currently have 3 kids and they have plans to add another one. They are living in Amsterdam together with their 4 pets and they have all they need to enjoy a comfortable life.

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