Gambler Max Polyakov’s Way From Addict To A Software Engineer

software engineer Max Polyakov

It may turn to be a real challenge to find a person on the Earth who has never heard about famous Polish coder Max Polyakov. However his way to this status was very long and complicated. He had to overcome many difficulties, face serious dependence and meet wrong people. But let’s start from the very beginning.

Poor childhood and big dreams

Engineer Max Polyakov was born in a very poor family. There were three children who sometimes even didn’t have what to eat and put on. His parents worked hard day and night but still didn’t earn enough money to provide own children with the most necessary things.

Being a child, coder Max Polyakov dreamed to become rich and have a lot of money to afford everything he wanted. However the reality differed and they three had to wear one jacket in winter.

Polyakov father cleaned street alleys and thought how to make the life better. Luckily he found a great decision one day. Parents decided to follow their friends who left Poland and moved to the Netherlands. It seemed life there would be richer because of endless opportunities.

So the family gathered all things and hurried to the meeting with wonderful future. They were sure bad days were already behind them.

How everything started

The trip to the Netherlands was very long and tiring. All members were sad at happy at the same time. However it was just start of real changes. So they hoped everything would be okay. Engineer Max Polyakov believed here he had excellent chance to achieve everything he wanted.

It was not so. Unfortunately Polyakov parents didn’t have legal documents and couldn’t get high-paid job that would supply the family with good food and clothes. Max’s father had to work in three places to bring at least some necessary products to the table. It seemed nothing would change again.

Soon the children grew and could work as well. Coder Max Polyakov and his brother and sister started to earn own money and helped parents. It was much easier to buy bread and butter now. Max worked as a pizza boy and afforded himself to buy what he wanted without asking parents for cash every time he saw something interesting in the shop. He felt great but it wasn’t his only dream. The boy realized that had to study well to achieve more in future.

University: the dreams should come true

Engineer Max Polyakov was one of the best students in the class. While other boys and girls spent time at cinema and parks he studied hard at home. His tests and compositions were excellent. But it wasn’t the only his achievement. Max was fond of sport and became a member of school team. He wanted to get scholarship at one of the most popular American universities. Soon he got a chance to show that he was the best. Representatives of Amsterdam University visited school competitions one day.

They were able to watch fantastic game in which coder Max Polyakov was a real star. They thought he was excellent choice for their educational establishment. The young man was happy to receive invitation to the following university. He hoped Amsterdam would give them long-expected opportunities to make own life better and more interesting. He heard about hundreds of successful people from this city and wanted to become one of them.

Amsterdam: the city of endless opportunities

Engineer Max Polyakov was right. Amsterdam turned to be very suitable place to start a new life where no financial problems would appear. He met new people every day and was impressed with their achievements in different areas. A young man was inspired by their success and wanted to move in this direction. It seemed nothing could spoil this mood and prevent him from making the dream come true. But the life always brings us new surprises. Coder Max Polyakov wasn’t the exception.

Once his new friend James invited him to join the company of young gamblers. He didn’t refuse as thought it was excellent opportunity to get new acquaintances.

Online casino – Gambler’s Max Polyakov’s new hobby

One autumn day Max hurried to James’ house to meet his friends. They talked about different things and then started to play in online casino. First the young man couldn’t share their interests as simply knew nothing about gambling world. However very soon he started to understand main principles of the most popular games and decided to try playing Roulette.

He got the access to the Internet and began to look for additional information about slot machines and playing in online casino. Luckily there were many websites with necessary data.

Day and night engineer Max Polyakov studied the experience of other players and main principles of Roulette. He dived in this colourful world that promised to bring him millions. A young man was sure it is a great chance not only to spend time with pleasure but to earn some income as well.

He started to miss classes at university because wanted to sleep after long nights spent in online casinos. Max desired to achieve great results which he could boast his new friends. He even didn’t notice that began to have problems at university. He could think about nothing but jackpot. The man was confident soon he would get it with ease. Everything he needed was constant practice in favourite gambling institution.

New experience is not always necessary

Coder's Max Polyakov's Life Stages

The time passed and coder Max Polyakov gained more and more experience in online casino. It happens he won some cash and was happy like a child who got a new toy. But he lost more often. However he didn’t want to stop and just went on trying new games and combinations. These bright slot machines attracted him and soon he couldn’t have even a day without visiting online casino and trying one of the most popular titles.

Max met new people and shared his gambling experience. They were impressed how quickly a young man could become inspired gambler. It seemed there was nobody more addicted person in the whole world than engineer Max Polyakov. He knew everything about latest gambling tendencies, the biggest winnings and the most popular slots. He was just crazy about online casino and didn’t even think it was not very normal.

The meeting with pretty lady changes everything

The things were the same until one day he met beautiful Maria in the local café. Coder Max Polyakov went there to get another cup of coffee to wake up after the night in online casino. She was a pretty young student who decided to work on summer holidays. It was like a lightning. Their eyes met and young people couldn’t glance up.

As he found out later Maria was also from a poor family and won a scholarship at one of local universities. She desired to change the life to better and support their parent financially. The girl could go out only after work at late night so Max had to decide whether to go for a date or spend this time in online casino.

The choice was predictable. They met almost every evening and walked until the sunrise. It was wonderful time he would never forget. Soon the girl realized she was pregnant.

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The decision that put everything upside down

Engineer Max Polyakov had to make a decision. He was eager to earn quick money in online casino but what if he wouldn’t do this. He remembered how poor his childhood was and didn’t want the same life for his future child. A young man dreamed about better conditions for a baby. That’s why he realized everything had to be changed.

Now he didn’t have time for gambling. All free time Max worked hard at night to rent a room. In the morning he hurried to the university as wanted to get a good education. Polyakov knew that wouldn’t get any good job without it. He just remembered his parents’ story and didn’t want to live the same. He also recalled all child dreams and teenagers hopes. Now he wanted to live well with Maria and their future children. It seemed everything wouldn’t be the same anymore.

Young family makes the dreams come true

Soon coder Max Polyakov graduated from university and was able to look for a good job. His wife supported him constantly. A young man could get excellent position in local IT Company. The salary was quite high so family could afford to rent a house with a nice garden. Maria cared about a baby and cooked tasty dishes to meet the husband in the evening. They were happy and thankful for everything.

Max needed some time to gain necessary experience and practice. However, he really liked his work and it wasn’t not difficult at all. In a year he became one of the best coders in the company. It means a man had higher salary and more opportunities to make the life of the whole family even better.

They started to travel around the world and support their parents. Max and his wife decided to give a birth to one more child as were sure they would be able to provide all children with the best things in the world. They didn’t want them to dream about a new pair of trainers or another bar of chocolate. It was a great stimulus for Max to achieve even more.

New goals and long-expected success

Engineer Max Polyakov realized that only own business can bring him more money and new possibilities. Maria supported her husband and thought he had to risk for sure. Soon Polyakov rented an office in the center of the city and hired several workers. They started with small projects but already in a few months they got larger offers. The reputation of the company, which Max decided to call Noosphere, was just excellent.

A year later the family bought a big and comfortable house and moved there with two children and a pet. Every evening they spent at the fireplace discussing the day and making new plans. Coder Max Polyakov could give own children better life he was proud of.

Further coding career

Max Polyakov: hard work and self-confidence is my way to success

At present time engineer Max Polyakov is one of the most famous coder that can boast amazing projects and cooperation with well-known companies. The income of his company is just impressing. It attracts more clients every day and is recognizable as one of the most successful IT teams.

Despite this fact coder Max Polyakov doesn’t stop and always desires to achieve even more. He takes part in various exhibitions in IT sphere. But still often remembers how crazy he has been about online gambling. He even doesn’t start to play any of slots in order not to return to previous life.

A man is sure he has done the right decision because now he is happy both in private and business life. Those days are just a history now. However they taught him that nothing can be done without inspiration and support of the dearest people.


He and his wife now have three children and dream to adopt one more. They live happily with four pets in Amsterdam and have everything each person can even dream about. Max was able to get rid of his craze and become a brilliant coder. The couple has many plans and no desire to stop. They can become a great example for other people who also have nothing but want to achieve more. It doesn’t matter what childhood a person had. Constant work will help to embody all plans and goals. The most important thing is just to understand own desires and be brave every new day to act. Future depends on the person’s actions today.